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Andrea Cordis, RYT


Since 2003 Andrea has been a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, working with patients that have injuries, neurological, and cognitive deficits.


While pregnant with her second child in 2004 she began to attend prenatal yoga classes. Through this experience Andrea fell in love with yoga and the benefits to not only the body, but to the mind as well and has been practicing ever since.



Andrea has married her two passions through incorporating yoga into her treatment sessions with clients in skilled nursing, acute rehab, home care and community-based mental health sessions.


In 2016, Andrea took a course on trauma-informed yoga through the Liberation Prison Yoga organization. She has since led yoga groups for folks with severe and persistent mental illness in clubhouse and outpatient settings. Andrea has a true devotion for making yoga accessible to everyone.  

Tai Chi Exercise Instructor/Meditation Instructor/Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor 

 "I am a body language and emotional intelligence expert and creator of the Emotive Agility Training technique. Let's face it - no matter how we may try to ignore them...emotions ARE everywhere. "


"This is why she trains entrepreneurs & overqualified-yet-super-driven professionals to get into the driver's seat of their emotions, speak freely without freaking out, and feel prepared to make the next bold move in their career or relationships without apology."

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Berit Nowicki

Emotive Agility Training &
Public Speaking Coaching

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Break Free  from Anxiety

Become an Athlete  of your Emotions

Make your Next Bold Move  Without Apology

You'll learn how to express, manage and access your emotions during your difficult conversation or presentation through a series of customized exercises using the theater concept rasa and science-based body language strategies. By the end, you’ll be equipped with all the tools to conquer and face your next interview, salary request, investor pitch or difficult conversation AND you’ll take away a customized formula to reduce your situational anxiety in any future situation.


The goal of working together is that you feel prepared and confident to make your next bold move, without being attached to the outcome, so that you can have the conversations that set you free and live your life by your own design. 

Bold Moves Include: 




Performance Reviews


Investor Pitches


Setting Boundaries


Asking for More Money


Giving a Ted Talk


Break-up Conversations


Necessary Confrontations 

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