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Wellness Within was created in 2017 by a mother-daughter team, each in their own individual practice at the time. It was based on a vision of cultivating a sense of connection for practitioners, and the community. It has evolved into a unique and purposeful practice, delivering Whole Person Healthcare in a truly collaborative way. Its vision has expanded to helping people discover who they want to be in all aspects of their life, and providing support in designing the path to get there.

By itself, the Blue Jay and its feathers symbolize something powerful. The power of healing, hope, energy. It signifies that you are coming into a time in your life when you will understand your power and how to yield it, that you are on the right path towards your goals and are being protected along the way so that nothing holds you back from reaching them. A BlueJay Feather is a sign of clarity and confirmation that not only are your goals reachable, but they’re worth the wait no matter what circumstances you’re facing. 

A great sense of protection, guidance, vibrance.

Perserverance. Curiosity. Intelligence. Focus. 

Within our story, it means so much more.

From a sister, a daughter, a co-creator..

My mother and I opened our practice in 2017, and have since shifted our focus and our vision, first due to Covid and then more intentionally. It has been a long road to realizing this vision both professionally and personally. As our purpose began to evolve, and after taking steps to build on it, I lost my older brother and my parents lost their only son to Covid in the summer of 2021. 

We have consistently sensed him with us through the days and weeks after he passed.  What some may call coincidence, things fell into place in a way and at a time that had nothing to do with coincidence and everything to do with my brother watching out for us. His fingerprints are all over the blueprint of our practice. 


He showed up on the day before we signed a new lease, on a much larger space, a step we were taking in a leap of faith. Walking my dog that morning, something caught my eye. A bluejay feather sticking straight up out of the grass in front of me. The vibrant blue struck me, and as far as I knew at the time that was what made it special.


After finding the feather and exploring the meaning of it, the words above made so much sense to us. It was one more time that my brother was there, confirming our vision and encouraging its move forward. And he still takes the opportunity to remind us every now and then, that we're on the right path, that our purpose is powerful, and that our vision is within reach. A vision that is being protected, guided and supported through the challenges and the triumphs.

Some days it's a song, a hummingbird or cardinal. Other days it's more subtle. Whatever day or time of year, my brother is with us in the moments we need him the most. The Blue Jays show up in some of these moments. They come and go, sometimes staying away for a longer time. But they always come back, and they always make us think of him.

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Our Purpose

  • To change the stigma and challenge the misconceptions around mental health and whole person care


  • To transform how healthcare is defined and how it is delivered


  • To promote the understanding that optimal wellness can only be reached by providing healing for all aspects of our health

  • To empower individuals in making healthcare decisions in a person centered, authentic and team oriented way

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