Grow with us.


We're looking for new team members:

Licensed Clinical Therapist (LICSW or LMHC)

We’re proud and passionate about what we’re doing at Wellness Within, how we’re doing it, and who we're doing it with. Our client journey and our team member journey are the foundation of our practice and our purpose

As a team member, we remain committed to helping you stay consistently passionate about your work, to continually evolve towards clinical excellence, to further your clinical skills, igniting the best of who you are, and achieving optimal results for clients.

We create and maintain an environment that is conducive for you to flourish as a therapist, to experience fulfillment on your individual career path, to benefit from the support and connection with like-minded and passionate team members, and to enrich expertise, advance towards clinical excellence, and pursue additional roles within the practice. 

This isn’t simply a job. It’s a purpose. And if that’s not what you’re looking for, your journey is probably not with us.

We’re not looking for you to just show up, see your clients, and leave without being seen. We are a team, whose connections and support are what makes us, us. We engage in “open door” practices to allow for sharing, consulting, and building supportive relationships with other team members.


On a professional level, we provide opportunities for the growth of clinical skills and enhancement of client care through individual and group consultation, reflection on practice values, training and other available resources. On a personal level, and to encourage healthy self care and team building, we have fun with regularly scheduled events and gatherings.

We are a unit of constantly evolving members. Constantly.

Constantly evolving means we self reflect, we welcome feedback and put it into practice. We recognize that mistakes are not only human, but are welcomed as teachable moments if they are put on the table. We believe that team members grow when they are challenged, when they are vulnerable, and when they are REAL.

Our intentional purpose is to empower team and community members to grow, thrive, and evolve. Because You Matter. 


As you’re reading this, are you thinking “this is way too much,” or “this is too good to be true,” or “I’m the best kind of therapist I want to be already” ? We respect the different paths we all take, and your path may not include us.

Does reading this leave you feeling excited..motivated..ready? Does it make you think about your current work day, and realize that it has left you;

Feeling stagnant..overworked...less than fulfilled...underappreciated?

Losing passion for the work?

Lacking the time or inspiration to continue to learn and evolve, and to feel excited about your work?

And you current work experience is; 

Out of alignment with personal and professional goals?

Not offering the experience of loving what you do?

It can be different and you deserve it to be. You deserve for your passion and inspiration to make you thrive, and rejuvenate you.

If this sounds like a good fit for you so far, we invite you to read more about your role as Wellness Within therapist.

We're looking for therapists to not only work with us, but invest in us -who we are, what we do, and how we do it, and to allow us to invest in you.

As part of our foundation, you role includes the timely completion of quality documentation, attendance at/participation in team meetings, the willingness to share your challenges, hear/implement feedback, in order to make you a better clinician and to help clients lead more fulfilled lives.

We demonstrate a responsiveness to potential and current clients that makes them feel that they matter from the first point of contact

  • Client requests for appointments are responded to on the same day, or at the latest on the following business day. Your responsiveness to clients in the same way reinforces that they matter throughout their time with us, and at the close of that time.

We streamline, systemize, and automate all that we can so that your focus remains on the clients, not piles of paperwork and administrative tasks

  • Your timely completion of the minimal documentation that is required, along with consistently carrying out practice procedures are key to these processes working effectively

We are building a team that is support centered,feedback friendly, and cohesive​

  • Your participating in giving and hearing feedback, sharing experiences of success and challenges, and putting feedback into practice through team meetings and consultations helps to build that team

The most effective therapists strive to grow and learn consistently

  • Continuing education (for growth, not just CEU’s) is vital in our work with clients. Your commitment to this ensures optimal client care and outcomes.

We celebrate cultural and individual differences and, and believe we thrive because of them

  • When you demonstrate this shared value you help create a safe, non judgemental environment, it encourages clients and team members to share, learn and grow

If you're still with us, and are;

  • Ready for a rewarding change at a time when more people than ever are needing and reaching out for mental health support

  • Tired of being in a setting where the focus has to be on so many other things than client care (paper work, administrative tasks and issues) when that client care focus is exactly what members of the community need more of right now

  • No longer wanting the essence of the work to be overshadowed by the paper work, administrative tasks and issues 

  • Looking to be part of something, an integral team member who is heard, valued and supported instead of just an employee

Invest in Yourself. 

Connect with us to explore if we’re a good fit for you.


Your role in high quality client care, as a Wellness Within therapist includes;

Treatment Plan and Intake Note for every new client, Termination Note for every discharged client, and Progress Note for each client/session using the practice Electronic Health System (EHR)

Daily Client Care Record to document daily client sessions

Collaboration with Client Care Specialist on the intake process including consistently providing updated information on availability/scheduling, and documenting contact with client prior to intake appointment

Collaboration with partnering practitioners to ensure the delivery of additional complementary services to clients