We offer the benefits of working in private practice and the perks of working in a clinic or agency without the hassle of either.

Real Talk: What you see is what you get

  • The number of hours you agree to work, is how many you will work

  • You will work with the clients you want to work with, not whichever clients we choose for you to see

  • We won’t inflate your earnings at the beginning and change it after you start working with us; you’ll know your real earning potential from the start 

  • Our culture, our vision, and our team will make you want to stay with us, instead of a  time commitment you need to make because of a sign on bonus

Real Talk: Your time

  • 21-28 sessions per week (based on your financial and personal goals)

  • Timely progress notes, treatment plan, and intake assessment for each client

  • Participate in 2-4 team meetings/clinical consultations per month

  • You choose how many and which hours to work

Real Talk: Your money

  • Based on 50 weeks/year, with 2 weeks PTO, and quarterly bonuses, our clinicians who work 25-28 hours per week earn- $50,000-$60,000/year

  • To start, we fill your schedule with 21 sessions per week, which annualizes to a minimum of $40K per year; you tell us how much more to fill your schedule

  • You are in control of your earnings and choose how many clinical hours to work based on your financial and life work balance goals

  • Because of the community partner referral network we’ve built over 20 years, you will not want for clients

Real Talk: Your benefits

  • Health insurance assistance options

  • Paid Time Off

  • Paid professional development including specialized trainings/certifications and professional licensure renewal

  • Clinical Consultation (individual and group), both regularly scheduled and as needed

  • Opportunities to explore additional streams of income by providing services for clients based on your clinical interests

  • A part time, flexible schedule 

If that sign on bonus is your priority right now, if you’re comfortable with your work life balance at this point, and if you don’t mind being assigned clients instead of choosing clients, this is probably not the right time for you to connect with us.


If you’re looking to be part of a team where you can grow, if you’re tired of working more hours for less pay, if you want a flexible schedule that allows more time for family, self care (or whatever you choose), if you’re ready to replace hours of administrative tasks and meetings with the clinical work, connecting with us may be exactly what you need right now.






How We Do It

  • Our client care specialist begins the relationship building with therapists from the beginning, allowing her to get to know each therapist, what types of clients they’re most (and least) passionate about working with, and to ensure the best therapist-client fit

  • Our client care specialist begins the relationship building with clients from the first point of contact, to help determine each client’s needs and to match them with a therapist; she maintains contact with clients throughout their time with us to ensure that their ongoing needs are met

Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect!