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Our team members are Humble, Hungry & Smart

We're Humble. We know we’ll make mistakes, we’re okay with that, and we learn from them. We recognize each other’s successes, are invested in shared team goals, and are motivated by team wins.

We're Hungry. We are intentional and purposeful in our commitment to the well being of our clients, our community partners, our team, and ourselves. We are always learning, consistently striving, and intrinsically motivated.

We're Smart. We practice self awareness and engage with our team authentically. We value ongoing curiosity, ask meaningful questions and listen to each other.

  • You're feeling stagnant and burnt out without feeling supported and valued.

  • You're ready to put your passion for clinical client care into practice.

  • You want to be part of a team, part of a purpose


What we provide;


  • Valuable clinical experience that you won’t get in other settings

  • Individual and group clinical consultation that is based on extensive years of clinical experience

  • A workplace who values and encourages self care for its team members

What we support you in;

  • Gaining the clinical experience and confidence to build a rewarding clinical career

  • Identifying the clients and clinical areas that you are most passionate about, that you work best with, and to who you can provide the most effective support

  • Developing additional programs, services and roles you’d like to provide within the practice

  • Exploring training opportunities in specialties of interest to you

  • Learning the artistry of therapy


What we expect from you;

  • To be Humble, Hungry & Smart

  • To participate in bi-weekly team meeting, quarterly group clinical consultation, and consistent individual clinical consultation

  • Timely completion of treatment plan and intake assessment for each client and progress note for each session

  • To provide mental health therapy to 21-28 clients/week


You also;

  • Choose your work schedule (including at least 2 evenings due to client scheduling needs)

  • Spend 99% of your time spent on clinical work with clients (21-28 hours/week of clinical time; 4-6 hours/month for team meetings and clinical consultation)

If you’re;

  • Looking for a lifestyle, not a job

  • Seeking a professional growth path, not to be stuck in one role indefinitely

  • Wanting to be supported, inspired, invigorated, not burned out, complacent, or overworked

  • Striving to be not only a therapist, but a great therapist

  • Value collaboration, holistic, and individualized approaches to client care



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