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Andrea Cordis, RYT

Trauma Informed Yoga/Tai Chi Practitioner

“I have always enjoyed the practices of yoga, tai chi, and meditation myself.  I have also seen firsthand the benefits of adding these to one's mental health toolkit. I bring these practices to my clients that I work with in my occupational therapy life and have seen the positive impact they can have on recovery and healing.”

Andrea brings empowerment to her clients. She offers suggestions for how to complete yoga, tai chi, and meditation, but believes that  ultimately it is the client's choice on how to use these practices. She always says that she has two rules when working with client: #1 - You have to breathe and #2 You have to respect your body.

Getting To Know Me

“I began practicing yoga about 18 years ago while pregnant with my son. I had pretty significant depression both during and after my first pregnancy so I thought I would try yoga to see if it helped. It had a tremendous impact on my own mental health. I began learning Tai Chi about 12 years ago as an adjunct to the occupational therapy services I was providing to clients in a nursing home. I am relatively new to meditation and continue to learn and grow how to incorporate it into my daily life.”


“I love being able to share something I am passionate about. I have seen the benefits of these practices in many clients and myself.”


When Andrea is not at Wellness Within you can find her teaching Occupational Therapy at Bay Path University, working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Mercy Rehab, hiking a local mountain, or spending time with her family!


Andrea’s hobbies and interests include; hiking, baking, working out, spending time with friends and family, and listening to music (preferably live).

Andrea's Focus

Andrea’s ideal client is anyone who is open to trying out the practices of yoga, Tai Chi, and/or meditation. There is, literally, no experience necessary. She works with clients to make the practices comfortable and accessible to each individual. She provides multiple options throughout her classes to make the practice what the client wants it to be.

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