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Emma Basile, LCSW

"I am client-centered and want to honor what is important for your healing journey.  I like to be creative in the modalities that I choose. Knowing how it feels to not feel seen or heard makes me very passionate about helping others learn to communicate effectively and stand up for themselves. I believe that depression, anxiety, ADHD , trauma, are all things that make it harder for that to happen and I am committed to helping clients become the best versions of themselves."

Getting To Know Me

Empathy, humor, dignity, empowerment, honestly, open communication, a safe space to bring raw emotion, and authenticity are some of the values that Emma brings to her work with clients.


Emma feels strongly about the need of support for children, adolescents and young adults that are going through challenges, which is what drove her to begin working as a social worker. Feeling the long-lasting effects of trauma and not knowing how that can affect your life is also something that Emma is passionate about and feels should be talked about more often.

"I have never doubted that this is what I am suppose to be doing. It is a passion but also a purpose in my life."

You can find Emma at the Zen Frog Cafe in Florence which she helps to run. Or at home with her partner and dog, as she is a big home body.


"One of my favorite things is finding new coffee shops to go check out, or trying out a new coffee recipe at home! I also love to cook, to go thrifting, taking barre classes and spending time being creative (which looks different every week!)

Emma's Approach

I want all clients to feel accepted and respected during the time that they work with me. The client is the expert in their experience and I can learn as much from the client as the client can learn from me as a clinician. Honoring client's strengths and building a strong rapport is super important in my work. Using humor and empathy is another way I like to engage and build the therapeutic relationship.

I love writing, reading and using art as a way to express emotions and feelings. I strongly feel that therapy doesn't always equate to just "talking" and love using creative outlets with clients.

Emma's Focus                         Insurances Accepted

Providing support to Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults who are experiencing challenges due to depression, anxiety, family relationships conflicts and divorce, and trauma.


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Optum/United Health Care

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