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Kimberly Jeffers

Professional Counselor Associate

“I am naturally a curious person and I love helping others identify and reach their goals. 

I knew I wanted to work directly with people in a helping relationship since late adolescence. A fulfilling career in which I have a direct impact on the psychological health of others drives my desire to live an equilibrated life of intent, significance, and purpose."


In working with clients, Kimberly  views the therapeutic relationship as one grounded in values of collaboration, respect, and trust. These essential tenets have an enormous influence on the nature of this alliance and affirms that clients have agency in our work together and that the relationship is not hierarchical.

Getting To Know Me

By encouraging self-awareness and intentional reflection, Kimberly will help you create better coping skills, healthier behaviors, and more productive patterns of thinking. She uses an eclectic therapeutic approach in her work with her clients, which allows her to cater her techniques to each individual client. Whether you are facing big life decisions, healing from complex trauma, navigating difficult relationships, or looking for healthier ways to cope with life’s daily stressors, you do not have to continue this journey alone. 


Kimberly offers a nonjudgmental space to explore everything you're feeling and why, identify and set goals, and work through what’s holding you back from living the life you truly want. She is committed to helping you through this journey and invites you to reach out if you are ready for a change. She believes that clients are the experts of their own experience and is a fierce advocate for the clinical utility of person-centered, trauma-informed care that honors the dignity of each individual and their associated strengths, needs, and resources.

Kimberly  specializes in working with women and femme-identified people, first generation, and BIPOC. She acknowledges how systemic oppression has affected these communities and holds space for your unique experience. "I specialize in this niche because I enjoy empowering women and others to think and process their unique personal experiences in ways that incorporate sociological and psychological understandings of culture, migration, gender, and agency.”

When Kimberly is not in the office, you will find her exploring nature and completing a list of never-ending home projects. She loves arts and crafts, cooking, yoga, and watching nature documentaries.

Kimberly's Approach

"I am passionate about helping clients to find connections within themselves to effectively navigate life events and transitions, relationships, and their daily lives. Our time together will provide a safe environment to freely navigate complex emotions and develop your skills and strengths to live a happier and healthier life. As a team, we will work together to identify your short and long term goals, conquering them one step at a time."

Kimberly's Focus                          Insurances Accepted

Women and femme-identified people, first generation, and BIPOC.

Adults who see their life as a journey, not a destination;  who might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and stressed. Above all, they are highly motivated for change and growth. They are introspective, contemplative, and curious about their life. 


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Optum/United Health Care


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