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Our Approach to Healthcare


At Wellness Within, you don't just have one person behind you, you have a              around you.

Blue Skies


Mental. Emotional. Physical. Vocational. Spiritual. Social.
We look at you, not just your symptoms. We work with you in exploring the parts of your health and your life that are contributing to your discomfort. This may include your life experiences, your living environment, your relational and vocational fulfillment, your sense of purpose, your emotional, mental, and physical well being.
  • No longer fulfilled (or never really were) in your job?
  • Unhappy in your relationship?
  • Stressed and overwhelmed at home?
  • Trouble falling asleep because you can't shut your mind off?
  • Not feeling like yourself, and just not happy?
  • Having headaches and backaches more frequently?
We can help you to figure what you want to be different, how to get there, and where to start.
  • Working with a medication provider outside of our practice? 
  • Is Yoga or Tai Chi part of your wellness plan with our practice? 
  • Seeing one of our therapists who suggests one of our support groups as an additional resource?
  • Experiencing physical symptoms that your doctor is helping you treat?
  • Tired of repeating your story to different providers in different places in order to get the help you need?
We connect you with additional practitioners whether
it's within our practice or in the community. We take
on coordinating appointments so that you can focus
on your wellness experience. We communicate with the
other healthcare professionals involved in your care
so we can help your reach optimal wellness.


We believe that the most beneficial support involves n each of the providers involved in your wellness experience working together and coordinating

your care.



We recognize the impact and respond to the effects of your traumatic experiences.

Each of our practitioners are trauma informed and deliver their speciality in an individualized, trauma responsive way. Our Yoga and Tai Chi studio, our mediation space, our therapy and other treatment rooms are as equally a safe and sacred space. You will experience this space as soon as you walk in our door, sit in our welcome area, and interact with team members. 

We respect your experience that brought you here, and the wellness experience you choose when you begin working with us.

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