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Are you a Child & Teen Therapist...

Children Embracing in Circle

  • who believes in the transformative power of creative expression?

  • with a flair for creativity?

  • who understands the profound connection between the mind and body?           

  • who values both talk therapy and out of the box, individualized, creative          approaches from a whole person perspective?

Do you...

  • have a passion for working with children and teenagers?

  • believe that therapy should be engaging, empowering, and above all, fun?

  • believe that healing begins from within?

If a typical 9-to-5 role using only traditional talk therapy is working for you, this opportunity might not be the perfect fit. But, if you're looking for a different kind of experience, where you can diversify your role, discover your super power, and find your passions beyond the therapy room, then keep reading.

We're not your run-of-the-mill practice. We're all about collaboration and taking a holistic approach to wellness so that we can provide a unique wellness journey for our clients. We believe in considering every aspect of a person's well-being, and we let our clients build their dream wellness teams.



Our approach isn't just for our clients; it's for our team too. We celebrate each team member's unique strengths, and we help them grow both inside and outside the therapy room.

We offer clients a unique wellness experience and provide our team members with a unique opportunity to use their strengths, skills, and passions to impact clients and the community.

So, here's the deal: we're not going to bury you in paperwork, match you with clients who don't fit, or make you do endless admin work. But we do expect a few things:

  • We want you to dive into our collaborative approach. That's not just for our clients' wellness goals; it's for every interaction.

  • We're big on the whole person approach. We want you to be all in when it comes to crafting a client's wellness plan.

  • We'd love it if you actively help us spot trends, concerns, and client retention issues. That way, we can support you in keeping your earnings consistent.

Here's a few more details...

  • You'll work a minimum of three evenings a week (or two evenings and Saturday).

  • You'll provide traditional and creative approaches to therapy with children, teens, and families (20-28/week)

  • Evening hours are 2:30-8:30

  • You'll complete intake assessments, treatment plans and progress notes 

  • You can expand your skills and offer services beyond the therapy room (with practice support) as part of your earnings

The best part? You get to be part of a supportive, collaborative team that encourages multidisciplinary approaches. Plus, you can expand your skills and offer services beyond the therapy room, with our support. And if you value high-quality clinical services and coordination of care that includes other complementary wellness approaches, you're in the right place.

The ideal candidate will have experience in providing therapy to individuals aged 6-18 and possess a deep understanding of developmental stages, behavioral patterns, and family dynamics.

  • If you're passionate about helping children and teenagers connect with their bodies and minds for healing and growth, we want to hear from you!

  • Ready to unleash your creative potential? Reach out to us!

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume highlighting your experience and qualifications to In your cover letter, be sure to tell us why you're excited about the prospect of joining our team and how your creative skills can contribute to our innovative approach to therapy.







                             Have a closer look at our wellness space!

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