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A Season of Hope and New Beginnings

Winter has unfolded into spring. Ahhh! The gradual evolvement is revealing the profound majesty of nature into yet another splendid season. As we welcome this transition into rebirth, growth, fullness, abundance, verdant green, and vibrant colors, we are offered a sense of optimism. We may be reminded of the possibilities for our personal growth, new beginnings, and transformation.

Is anyone else moved to clean out closets, lighten the belongings you have been holding, and freshen up your home? Does the brightness and warmth of the season call you to throw back the curtains and open up the windows wide?

As you refresh your homes and cultivate new growth and bright colors in your yard, go with the flow of the spring fever and attend to your mental and emotional life as well with rejuvenation in mind.


De-cluttering your mind of negative thoughts and defeating self talk.

Evaluate the worthiness of your relationships. Choose to connect more with people who lift your spirits, understand you, and make you laugh. You wouldn’t keep decaying food in your refrigerator. Why keep toxic relationships in your life?

Refresh your time and priority ratio.

Are you spending most of your time on your top priorities? You may feel uncomfortable and frustrated if you are not. Review your priorities to make sure they are truly consistent with who you are and plan your time accordingly.

Acknowledge bad habits that are interfering with your sense of well-being and consider working on changing even one. Our physiological, mental, and emotional health are inextricably woven together and one impacts the other. Consider taking steps to improve the condition of any one of these.

Creative projects and new endeavors can re-energize us and the qualities of spring can inspire us towards generativity. Draw on the prolonged light, the warm rays of sunshine, the new growth in nature, and the hope engendered by spring to flourish.

As you breathe in the fresh air of spring and take in its natural beauty, breathe out gratitude. Consider beginning each day by making a list of things you are grateful for and may take for granted. It will shift your perspective to appreciation and enhance an experience og positive renewal.

Happy Spring. Thrive and Prosper.

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