"I offer a space for acceptance, hope, and growth; I focus on your independent goals, understanding their own healing process, and working collaboratively to meet attainable and realistic goals."

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
*Bilingual (Spanish/English)

Client Focus:

Children, Teens, Adults, Older Adults

  A few of the things I can help with:

  • Learning ways to train your body to manage the different emotional, behavioral and mental responses triggered by stressors

  • Identifying underlying sources of emotion stress

  • Adjustment to the different challenges life brings

  • Understanding the mind-body connection and its effects on your mental health

  • Supporting through the different cultural challenges you may face

  • Feeling able to set boundaries and limits, facilitating healthy relationships

Pebble Beach

I specialize in Trauma and addiction disorders, however, I am trained in the clinical field to treat the various mental health needs, utilizing a variety of evidence-based and holistic methods for intervention.

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