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So..What is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy is a safe, secure alternative to seeing your therapist in person through video conferencing. 

COVID made all of us have to change how we were doing things. Our lives and routines were disrupted. Now  we're continuing to navigate through the many emotions

as the state is "re-opening."

Not sure online therapy is for you?

We understand that you may be a little hesitant to begin therapy using teletherapy. We're here to help by answering any questions and discussing any concerns in order to help you make the decision about teletherapy. ​


​"I'm just not comfortable being on a video call."

You can participate in the video call with your camera turned off. (We can walk you through how) You can change the angle of the camera by adjusting your device, moving it further away or to the side.

Still not sure? Try it out with one of our therapists or our Client Care Coordinator, Sara, to help you decide:

We're still here for you. Although still from a distance, our therapists have successfully adapted to the temporary way of meeting your needs, through online therapy.

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Since the pandemic started, have you had a harder time;

  • Sleeping

  • Managing your anxiety

  • Controlling your anger

  • Getting along with your spouse and children

  • Balancing work, home life, and self care

  • Dealing with stress

  • Relaxing


Online therapy can help with these, and many other things.

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