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What's Your

Super Power ?

  • What fills you with energy or passion?

  • What inspires you?

  • What drives you in your work with clients, with colleagues?

  • What unique strengths do your bring to your clients and team?

We're looking for clinicians and wellness specialists who want to collaborate holistically, who are eager to discover their superpower and use it to guide them in their work with our clients and our team.


You may not know what that superpower is, or may not have even considered that you have one. We not only believe that you have that unique strength, but we strive to help our team members uncover their superpower and put it into practice in order to encourage the growth of themselves, our clients, and our practice. 


On our team, you're not only a clinician or wellness specialist working with clients. We see our team members as an integral part of building and growing a wellness practice that is unique, impactful, and holistic.

We offer clients a unique wellness experience and provide our team members with a unique opportunity to use their strengths, skills, and passions to impact clients and the community.

As a clinician or wellness specialist you will;

  • Work with 15-20 clients/week (Part Time) or 23-28/week (Full Time)

  • Use integrative approaches with talk therapy, including movement, art, creative expression, breath work, music

  • Engage in weekly team meetings

  • Participate in weekly individual and monthly group clinical consultation

  • Complete clinical documentation

Looking for innovative and creative ways to put your clinical skills into practice?

Consider yourself an outside the box kind of thinker and clinician?

Have ideas for workshops, groups, retreats that you haven't been able to put into action yet?

Reach out and find out more about this opportunity!






                             Have a closer look at our wellness space!

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